Police Commission

The Winthrop Harbor Board of Police Commissioners is comprised of three members appointed by the village Mayor and Board of Trustees.These individuals operate autonomously of the village board and administer the testing, selection and hiring of our full time police officers. The current Board of Police Commissioners is comprised of:

  • Timothy Booth, Chairman
  • Michael Ruchti, Member
  • Bobbi Simmons, Member

Illinois statutes provide laws under which the police commission must operate. The commission is also responsible for the selection and promotion of officers within the department. In the event of a police disciplinary matter, the commission will convene and hear evidence presented by the Chief of Police and the disciplined officer. The commission has the final authority in suspending, demoting or terminating a WHPD police officer.

In addition to these statutory duties, the commissioners voluntarily provide helpful guidance and input into the operation of the police department. The department is grateful for their efforts in helping the Chief to maintain an innovative professional atmosphere within the department.

Police and Citizen Advisory Committee

Winthrop Harbor is fortunate to have many citizens who are committed to helping all of us maximize the quality of life in our village. Several of these citizens are members of the Police & Citizen Advisory Committee, assisting the village and police department in many ways year-round.

Members include:

  • Pat DiPersio
  • Art Fossland
  • Dr. Dennis Guiser
  • Scott Holverson
  • Tom Kandziora
  • Joyce Leech
  • Carl Simmons

Police Department liaisons to the Committee are Chief J. Brumlik and Cmdr. M. Bitton

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