Frequently Asked Questions

The Winthrop Harbor Police Department welcomes all questions regarding general law enforcement related issues. This page will display the answers to questions that are properly submitted through our Ask a Cop page.

Question: Is there a program called "SHOCK" for adults to clear their criminal records? Or it may be called "BOOT CAMP". This is for adults who would like to clear their record and start over. This program is approximately 6 months long. If not, is there a program that an adult can attend to clear their criminal record?

Answer: I think you are referring to the Illinois Impact Incarceration Program (Details). This program is availible to non-violent first offenders 17 to 29 years of age and up to 35 years of age on second offenders. As far as having things removed from your record, there is such a thing, called "expunged". You would need to contact a lawyer and have your case(s) reopened with the reason why you need the charges removed.

Question: Does your Police Department patrol Hunt Club Road by Wadsworth Road?

Answer: Yes, we have a contract with the Village of Mill Creek to provide traffic enforcement for them. Contracts are becoming a common thing with police departments to help other communities that don't have the resources or the funds to have their own police department.


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