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 Just for Kids!

Hey Kids... your friends at the Winthrop Harbor Police Department have made this section just for you! We'll be adding new stuff all the time, so come back often!

Learn about Storms! Should I call 911?
Collect On-Line Patches!

Discover Your World!

Help with Home-work!

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911 is for emergencies only!

Sometimes it's hard to know if you should call the 9-1-1 emergency number. If someone is hurt, or you think there's a fire or you're being threatened and need help right away... call 911 and help will be on the way!

When you just have a question or need to report a stolen bike or other case that isn't urgent, call us at 847-872-2131.

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Learn all about storms and what to do when there's a storm watch or storm warning!

Click on the FEMA for KIDS button for everything from storm information to homework help with weather projects! 

Click here for this cool storm site!

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 Click here to get help with your homework!

Here's a GREAT place to get help with your homework!

Homework has information on just about any homework topic you could ever be assigned. There are tons of links to cool sites and articles, ideas for school projects, answers to common questions and more!

Click the icon above to visit!

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Discovery Kids is a super website with TONS of activities and ways to learn more about science and our World!

Click the icon below to visit Discovery Kids, and check with a parent or guardian to see if you can join a Discovery group!


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Now here's a neat idea that's easy to do:

Collect images of police patches on-line!

Just think about how many hundreds, even thousands of patches you could collect, while looking around the Internet at different police department websites!

There are lots of things to learn along the way, and who knows... maybe you can find some good information to share with your police department!

To get you started, click the links at right to see the WHPD patches, but only download them to save if your parents say it's O.K. :)

Police Patch

Communication Patch

Star Patch 

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