Patrol services play an important role in how the Police Department serves the community, and these services truly enhance the safety of our residents and visitors.

Bicycle Patrol | Traffic Patrol | North Point Marina Security


Bicycle Patrol

Having begun in Spring 1992, the Winthrop Harbor Police Department was one of the first Police Mountain Bike Patrols in Lake County. The first year out, we rode donated bikes and equipment and received no special training. The Bike Officer in 1992 rode alone on weekends mainly as a community relation's tool.

In the years following, all of the Winthrop Harbor Police Mountain Bike Patrol Officers have attended training through the International Police Mountain Bike Association's 32-hour Bike Patrol Officers course. Most of the Bike Patrol Officers own their own bikes, which can cost from $800 to $2000. We now ride in pairs during the night and high risk times. Most of the criminal element will not expect to see a Police Officer in anything other than a patrol car. Our Bike Officers often times ride right up to those engaged in criminal activity before the perpetrators even knew we are there. Often times the result is the potential criminal chooses not to engage in illegal activity due to the high probability of being caught.

The Police Mountain Bike Patrol has and will be a viable Law Enforcement tool for many years to come!


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North Point Marina Patrol

The Winthrop Harbor Police Department, along with the Illinois Conservation Police, provides law enforcement services to the largest fresh water marina in the United States! Each year as many as 900,000 people will visit the North Point Marina during peak season.

The Winthrop Harbor Police Department's enforcement efforts currently consist of perimeter mobile patrols (conducted by marked and unmarked police vehicles), bike patrols, foot patrols, and community service officer patrols.

Thousands of boaters and vacationers not only visit, but also reside on the North Point Marina premises during the warmer months of the year. These visitors are provided with full police services at the highest level of professionalism and the commitment to their needs and concerns.

Throughout the year, the Winthrop Harbor Police Department provides services to the marina and its many residents and visitors.

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Traffic Patrol

For all our safety, the Winthrop Harbor Police Department aggressively patrols for traffic law violators. Most regular drivers coming through Winthrop Harbor know this and take care to obey the traffic laws.

This aggressive patrol accounts for the low numbers of accidents in Winthrop Harbor. Winthrop Harbor Police recently purchased Pursuit Stop Sticks to slow down and stop fleeing vehicles by slowly deflating the fleeing vehicle's tires. Pursuits are very dangerous and Police need to take every precaution to bring them to a safe conclusion.

One way we can all create a safer atmosphere is to follow the law regarding safety belts. The Winthrop Harbor Police Department strongly advocates the proper use of seat belts and child safety restraints as mandated by Illinois State Law. The specific mandates of the law includes the following:

  • All passengers in a motor vehicle must be secured in a properly adjusted and fastened seat safety belt.
  • All children, from birth to age four, must be restrained in a properly secured child safety seat.
  • All children, from age four to eight, must be properly restrained in either a child safety seat or a properly adjusted and fastened safety belt.

Points of fact:

  • Every nine seconds someone is injured in a traffic accident.
  • Every thirteen seconds someone is killed in a traffic accident.
  • Traffic related injuries are the leading cause of death for children and young adults ages six to twenty seven.

Play if Safe and Buckle Up!


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